Monday, May 30, 2011

Worry-Free Jewelry*: Friendship Bracelet Grown-Up

Do you remember the Friendship Bracelet I showed you a while ago?

Well, look at how it grew up!

We were heading to a rodeo and the theme was Tough Enough To Wear Pink.  Well, my mom is a breast cancer survivor, so she brought over pink fabric for all of us to wear. 

 D used the friendship bracelet method on three strips of fabric to make her hat decoration. (Her strips were about 1.5 inches thick and 2 yards long.)


I turned mine into a scarf/necklace.  We used thicker strips of fabric, probably 5 inches each.

Then today I was at an event and I saw a bundle of string that was for balloons.  I thought, huh, that would make a totally cute necklace if it was twisted.

I took kite string.
And put the kiddos to work.

I used two yards lengths.  I separated my two oldest kids about two yards apart and sent little L wrapping the string around their hands.  See how their hands are held up?  We went 15 times, so that total there was 30 strings.  Then D and I started twisting.  I wanted it to be really tight.  Then I followed the steps just like in the post.  And WAh LA new necklace that looks amazing but it is worry-free*!

Dress it up and be oh so chic.

Here is the reason why the pics were taken inside:

I was getting blown away.   (I was holding my shirt down so I didn't look like I had wings.)

*OK, what is worry-free jewelry?  Have you ever had a kid break your string of beads?  Have you ever had a kid gnaw on your costume jewelry and you wonder what are they ingesting?  Have you ever broken your necklace yourself because you were being a mom?  Or being active?  Worry-Free Jewelry is an answer to those woes.  Easy to make, and easy to fix.  (And usually cheap). 

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