Saturday, May 14, 2011

Woman of the Year

So, I really am hesitant to post this, cause its kinda tooting my own horn.  But really I was so happy to be given this honor.  I recently was awarded Eagle Mountain's Women of the Year.

I got the award a few months ago at the Miss Eagle Mountain Pageant.  It was a complete surprise.  Here I was in jeans and a t-shirt (but with bling) and a pony tail and the mayor, who is an old friend, is in a ball gown.  I was a tad under dressed for the event.  But my hubby did a good job of getting me there and keeping the surprise.

You can read a cute article about it HERE

From what I can gather one of my Daisy Girl Scout mom's talked to her mom, who is also the head secretary at my kids school.  The two of them went on a mission and gathered several nominations for me to win this. (I've heard rumors of around 30 nominations)

So now you know a little more about me and all the craziness that I do.

If you want a complete list of all the things that I currently do, read on.  But if you are bored or think that I have a big head, you can just stop reading.

Girl Scouts (I am a Daisy Troop leader and a Parent Helper for my other daughter's Cadet Troop)

Boy Scouts

Region 9 (Alpine School District) Leadership VP

State Convention Committee

I was recently elected to serve as the Leadership VP for Vista Heights Middle School

(In the past, I have served as PTA President at Eagle Valley Elem, and as Westlake Council Pres)

School Community Council (for 3 or 4 years)

Neighborhood Watch block captain

EMFD Babysitter class. Steve put together a class to teach babysitting skills and Infant CPR. I help teach the business and immediate safety (I think there was a write-up about it in the Herald)

Eagle Valley Elem Christmas Play: I help direct it, for the past 4 years

Precinct Secretary and County Delegate for the Republican Party

Eagle Mountain Writers (more commonly known as InkingCap) just a small group of aspiring writers. (Last year I helped run an after-school creative writing class.)

Pony Express Days. Sometimes I've just helped with the Fire Department Association fundraiser, in the past I've also helped with Family Fun night and volunteer coordinators. This year I'll be helping with the 5K. (Steve reminded me that its been every year except the very first one--we moved here from Seattle in August that year)

Team Mom (baseball and basketball)
Room Mom


Deb said...

Feel free to toot that horn. You deserve it!

Andy Porter said...

That's so awesome and you completely deserve it!!