Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Friendship Bracelets

Both my girls are Girl Scouts. I am a troop leader for Daisy Girl Scouts for little L.  D's troop became a sister troop and throughout the year we've gotten together for little things. (D's  Cadet troop is all 6th graders and L's troop is full of kindergartners.)  Last week the Cadets came to our troop meeting and taught the girls about being friends.  Then they teamed up and made friendship bracelets.  I had never seen this technique before so I thought I would share so you can do it with your littles.

Note the one worn.  It was made with 4 strands.
The one in her hand was made with 9.

Here are some of my girls.  They were cold, but I had them hold up their wrists so we could see.

You will need yarn and two people, which is part of the charm.  It takes two people working together to create something fun. (Oh so many lessons and parallels we could make while creating these.)

4 strands of yarn will create a thin-ish bracelet.  9 strands creates a fun choker.  The 9 strand example started with a yard each.

(A note on colors: If you keep your colors together at the beginning, you will create the candy-stripe look.)

Stretch the yarn between the two of you.

Begin to twist.

Keep twisting.

And twisting.

Until it is super tight.

A good way to check if it is tight enough is to give some slack.  If your rope starts to twist, you're doing good.

Now, one person find the center and hold it tight with one hand and with the other give their end to their partner.

Let go of the center and the person holding both ends gets to shake, shake, shake till it all twists up.

If it isn't evenly twisted, the partner not holding it can smooth out those bumps along the way.

The end will have a loop in it.  Bring the two ends to the loop.  Pull half of your ends through the loop and then tie the ends together with the loop in between. 
And you will get:


Go out there and teach team work and create some fun friendship bracelets. 

I think these would be fun to try with embroidery floss as well.  I wonder how they will turn out . . .
**If you look carefully you will see the smaller versions on each of the girls.

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