Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Crochet Hot Pad

I learned how to crochet a few weeks ago. (I learned when I was a teen, but it never really stuck.)  I learned a basic hot pad pattern.  I've seen it mentioned lots on blogs, but never given.  So I am going to give it.

You'll need:
  • Size I crochet hook
  • 4 ply worsted yarn
Chain 43. Single Crochet in back of 2nd loop from hook; continue in back loops across. Do not turn.

Single crochet in back loop across. Continue single crochet in back loops until sides meet each other.  Finish off leaving an 8" length of yarn.  Sew sides together.

Sounds simple enough, right?  Holy Cow!  Its a completely new language.  Now, find a good book and learn the basic crochet stitches.  This hot pad is two layers.  You are stitching in an oval and eventually the sides will meet and it will become square.  Its like voodoo.  One minute you are crocheting a bookmark and a few stitches later it looks like a slipper.  Then, before you know it, its a double-ply square.

Now, a word about gauge.  Both of those potholders were made with this pattern.  Both of them started out with 43 chains.  But their size difference is huge.  So, go loose and go easy and you'll be fine. 

You'll notice that the green one (my first attempt) has defined rows and the gray one doesn't.  For the green one I only went through the top loop and in the gray I went all the way through both loops.  (Don't know if that makes sense, but it was an exciting discovery for me.)

I like this project.  In high school I attempted to make an afghan.  Didn't work.  Too big a project and I got bored.  Hot pads are done in two movies.  Love it.

One more thing: You can add a lovely stripe.  It'll go on two sides of each side.  Just change yarns after you start to see the corners.  Go round the bend a few times and change back to your original.

Happy Crocheting.

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Tracy said...

These look great! I love crochet and knitting. You're right, it's a whole new language and I am learning new things all the time. Thanks for stopping by my blog (you asked, and the pixie hat is crochet, btw).