Friday, May 27, 2011

Ranch Style Potatoes

Necessity is the mother of all creation.

Years ago, money was tight and I wanted to find a way to create a treat for my kids.  I remembered the story of the potato chip (totally unverified).  A waiter was angry with a customer so he left the customer's potatoes in the fryer too long and ended up with a chip.  It backfired cause everyone loved them.  And now it contributes to the national waistline. :)

So I thought I could make my own "chips".  I sliced my potatoes thin and seasoned 'em up and baked 'em.  And Ranch Potatoes were born.

They got their name because when I first made them we loved to dip them in Ranch Dressing.  Now, half the family doesn't eat dairy, so not so much Ranch.  But the name lives on.

Here you go:

Ranch Style Potatoes

Potatoes (3 or 4 will fill your cookie sheet)

Slice your potatoes thin. (I love using my food processor or my son, J.  He loves slicing them.)

Grease your cookie sheet (my preferred method being cooking spray).  Then season your sheet.  Before the dairy allergies were known, I loved using Parmesan Cheese and garlic salt.  Now I use a seasoning salt.  Cajun seasoning are fun too.  (My current fav is Morton Season-All Garlic.)

Then place your potatoes on sheet in single layer.  Season potatoes. (Back in the day I put one seasoning on one side and a different one on the other.)

Bake. (Now here is the beauty.  If you've got something in the oven already, these are not picky.  Any temp from 350 to 450 will work.)  At 450 they could cook up as fast as 15 minutes.  At 350 they can take up to 30 minutes.  Just watch 'em.  I like to wait till the edges are brown. (The thin ones get all crispy and yummy.)

Pull them out and serve.  I love to dip mine in Ranch Dressing and BBQ sauce mixed.  Some of my kids love plain ketchup and others like malt vinegar.

Cheap and easy and super pleasy.


Becky said...

Yummy! I'll think I'll do this tonight while the boys are gone on Father and Sons. The girls will love them, I'm sure! It is even a great healthy treat if you make your own dip. Thanks!!!!

Chocolate Drool and Kisses said...

Looks so yummy! Thanks so much for linking up.