Monday, May 23, 2011

Chicken Salad

I'm writing this mostly for myself so I don't forget my awesome creation. (Not too original, but I'll forget it. And sorry for no pretty pictures.  The girls ate it up.)

Today's challenge was that one of L's friends is Gluten intolerant.  I was struggling to figure out lunch for three kinde garteners (yes I know its spelled wrong, but I love the way it sounds).  What would they eat?

So as I cruised my pantry and freezer I found canned chicken.  I made chicken salad and told the girls we were having a tea party and eating tea party food. :) (Trickery at its finest)

Take one can of chicken, one celery stalk (chopped), one half apple (peeled, cored, and chopped), and some blueberry flavored Craisens.  Mix it all together and add mayo till its as moist as you like it.  I like it fairly dry.

Enjoy on crackers or bread or with a fork.  The three monkeys enjoyed 4 bananas between them with their chicken salad. 

The two big kids came home during our lunch and begged for the left-overs.  They were so sad that they each only got half a sandwich. 
I need to remember this for an easy yummy simple dinner.  Especially on a hot summer night (if those nights ever come--its still freezing here in UT).

*** My Craisens were dry.  So I soaked them in hot water for a bit and they were perfect.

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