Friday, April 29, 2011

Learnin Somethin New

Today I get to relearn how to crochet.  One of my neighbor's mom is going to teach us how to make pot holders.  And I am giddy with excitement.

Which makes me wonder why.  Why am I so excited to learn?

I think its because I haven't created anything for a while.  I have an addiction to the creative process.  For the last several years I used the outlet of sewing.  But I don't have a dedicated area to keep my machine out.  So, when the family activities are running full swing, I don't pull out the machine.  And then I start getting antsy.  I start needing another creative fix.  There is longing in my chest and I feel like I might explode.

What can I do?  So, maybe, just maybe, crochet will help.  It has few space requirements and I can do it at baseball practice. 

Bloggy Friends, hope that I can get the knack of crochet so that I will not explode.  K?

(And some day I hope to learn how to knit, but I've already asked two people and they denied me.)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Crazy Mom Time

What does a sane mother do when her daughter says as she is getting tucked in, "Mom, tomorrow is Pajama Day, do you think these (holds up a ratty pair of nasty) are OK?".

I'm just wondering cause I don't think I did the sane thing.

But first, a little back story.  D said this on a Monday night.  Saturday night we had returned from a WEEK of camping in Southern Utah (Moab to be exact).  Everything gets covered in red sand, even PJ's that never seem to leave the tent.  My traveling van looked like it had been packed by the Beverley Hillbillies.  We buckled the children in their seats and then packed things around them.  All of her cute PJ's were packed in the bowels of the van.  Even if they could be found, they were tinged with the red dirt of adventure.  Plus it was dark (and I am nervous in the dark--note that I did not say scared of the dark).

So, taking a page from Robyn's book of mothering, when your daughter has Pajama Day, you make her new Pajamas.

Yes, I stayed up late sewing the sweet girl PJ's.  I put them on her floor so she would be sure to see them.  And she went off to school in sweet, sweet new soft flannel PJ's.

Is that what sane mother's do?  I don't think so, but I never claimed to be sane.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Easter Surprise

Happy Easter all my bloggy friends.  I hope your day was filled with new beginnings and eggs and chocolate and family and friends.

I thought I would share my Easter surprise I discovered during the services at church this morning.
I originally found it at my knee.  It is a scrapbooking paperclip.  The best part about it that I don't really scrapbook right now.  And I don't have many of these and all my supplies are in the basement--20 feet below my nylon drawer. 

A friend suggested I put it at my ankle for new ankle art.  Who knows, maybe I've started a new trend. :)

Happy Easter and have a great spring.  Its starting to warm up and the promise of flowers is keeping me smiling,

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rainbow Swap Still Open

Hello All.  The response to the Rainbow Swap was awesome and we decided to add another group.  So, if you missed it the first time, go on back and try again.

Then tell me if you did it. :)  I decided to be in both swaps for more color goodness.  I got red for the first one, but the last one I'll be the last one to choose. I can't wait to go fabric shopping.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Camping

We are gearing up for our annual Moab trip.

And Springtime in Moab is like life: You never know what you are going to get.  See the pic above?  That was day one.

This (above) is day 6.

We went from winter coats and gloves and snow hats to shorts and sun hats.

It becomes tricky to know how to pack. 

Even trickier is keeping those munchkins warm at night.  Cause no matter what the daytime temps are, its always cold at night.

Start off by changing EVERYTHING before bed.  The sweat that accumulates throughout the day turns chilly at night.  Change undies and socks.

Then rock out with your warmest snow hat.  That is #1 important. 
(Do you see those lilly white legs? Yup, Spring time at its best)

Next I love to put the kids and hubby and everyone into those fuzzy spa socks.  They are warmer than wool.  They feel warm the instant you slip 'em on.  (See them peeking out of D's sandals?  Warm feet=happy sleep)

A good hoodie or fleece jacket is nice on extra cold nights.

Now, if you are worried about your sleeping bags, a quick and cheaper alternative to buying several bags for different seasons is to add a fleece liner. You can see their bright colors in J and L's sleeping bags. (And don't you LOVE the bunk bed cots?)  The kids love them and they make sleeping extra cozy.

So, go out there, brave the changing weather report and enjoy spring time camping.  Those happy faces will make it worth the effort.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Color Swap Link

My favorite sewing friend, Robyn, is hosting a fabric swap.  Here is the link.  Come and play.  I got the color red.  And I'll get back a rainbow of colors. :)

On Robyn's blog she shows the quilt she made with hers.  There are many other things you could do besides a quilt.  You could make a rainbow headband, a pillow, a table runner, place mats.  OR you could get creative.  You'll have 20 reds and 20 yellows, etc.  You could combine your reds and greens and make something for Christmas.  You could take your Spring colors and make something Springy.  You could also easily trim them up and have a rainbow of yo-yo's.  How fun would it be to make a tiered ruffle skirt for a little girl in rainbow colors?  The list can go on and on and on . . . .

 Have a great day.  (Come back and tell me if you signed up)