Friday, April 29, 2011

Learnin Somethin New

Today I get to relearn how to crochet.  One of my neighbor's mom is going to teach us how to make pot holders.  And I am giddy with excitement.

Which makes me wonder why.  Why am I so excited to learn?

I think its because I haven't created anything for a while.  I have an addiction to the creative process.  For the last several years I used the outlet of sewing.  But I don't have a dedicated area to keep my machine out.  So, when the family activities are running full swing, I don't pull out the machine.  And then I start getting antsy.  I start needing another creative fix.  There is longing in my chest and I feel like I might explode.

What can I do?  So, maybe, just maybe, crochet will help.  It has few space requirements and I can do it at baseball practice. 

Bloggy Friends, hope that I can get the knack of crochet so that I will not explode.  K?

(And some day I hope to learn how to knit, but I've already asked two people and they denied me.)

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