Monday, April 4, 2011

Color Swap Link

My favorite sewing friend, Robyn, is hosting a fabric swap.  Here is the link.  Come and play.  I got the color red.  And I'll get back a rainbow of colors. :)

On Robyn's blog she shows the quilt she made with hers.  There are many other things you could do besides a quilt.  You could make a rainbow headband, a pillow, a table runner, place mats.  OR you could get creative.  You'll have 20 reds and 20 yellows, etc.  You could combine your reds and greens and make something for Christmas.  You could take your Spring colors and make something Springy.  You could also easily trim them up and have a rainbow of yo-yo's.  How fun would it be to make a tiered ruffle skirt for a little girl in rainbow colors?  The list can go on and on and on . . . .

 Have a great day.  (Come back and tell me if you signed up)


DJ Rose said...

I did an I-Spy swap a few months ago and LOVED it. It was very easy to cut out 200 squares. (Robyn knows all the shortcuts) and I got 200 different squares back. So cool and so fun.

The Brown Family said...

I'm the other red already signed up! How fun that both of Robyn's sewing buds picked RED!

I've already been picking out cute ones.


Foster Momma said...

I signed up for both groups-orange in the first, pink in the second...I'm so excited. I'm thinking about making a rainbow zig zag quilt!