Saturday, March 26, 2011

Couscous Chicken Salad

The other day my mother and I bottled chicken.  It was easy, actually fun, and very fulfilling.  (I suggest you go learn how.  Find someone with a pressure canner and learn how to do this.  Facebook is a great place to find needed tools.) 

So then came the challenge to use the canned chicken.  I don't have much experience with it cause it is so blasted expensive. (Reason #1 to bottle it yourself.  It's the cost of the chicken, and the cost of the jars, but the jars are reusable.  Reason #2: Three ingredients go into your bottled chicken: chicken, salt, water.  You can pronounce everything in there.)

The other night I took my first can of chicken and popped it open.  I was rushed and I didn't have a plan, much less a recipe.  I cooked up some couscous and mixed it with the chicken. (Bottled chicken is just like canned chicken--already cooked.)  Then I searched my fridge and found that I only had expired Italian dressing.  So much for my idea of a couscous salad.  That night my son and I were the only ones who ate it.  And it was pretty bad.

I put the left-overs away and mourned the loss of one bottle of chicken.

Somewhere in the middle of the chaos of life inspiration hit!!!

I added mayo and wA-La!!!  Couscous Chicken Salad.  It was sooo good.  And it is a great base to add other flavors.

So here you go:

1/2 cup couscous
1/2 pint jar chicken
mayo to taste

optional add ins:
ranch dressing (just a dollop)
crushed, drained pineapple
curry powder

Drain your chicken into measuring cup.  Add enough water to meet directions on box. (Usually it is a one to one ratio, couscous to water.)  Cook per directions.  COOL, very important.  Warm mayo is nasty.

Add in other ingredients.  Now you will have a grain heavy chicken salad.  It makes the chicken go a little further, looks cool (sorry no pics--we ate it up too fast), and is different.  We ate it up on club crackers.  Yummy (and more children ate this than the original--hubby being at work at the time).

So, after all that, what are your favorite canned chicken recipes???  I need to use up all of this so I can do it again. :)  And if you make it, share your variations.

Next I want to try canning my own chili.  All commercial chili has ingredients my son is allergic to. I promise I'll share when I try it.


Bolo heads said...

The easiest is pour the chicken in the pan juice and all. Pour bar-b-que sauce on top stir around and with in three min you have bar-b-que chicken that tastes like it has been cooking all day long.

DJ Rose said...

Oooh that sounds so good. I'm trying it either tonight (if I can't talk Steve into a Chili's night) or next week.

Marnie said...

Coconut curry chicken

Drain chicken put in skillet and shred on medium high
Add 3 heaping tablespoons of green curry
Cook for three minutes while you open your coconut milk can
And pop a cheap bag of mixed vegetables in the microwave fo r 3 minutes
Dump the coconut milk and veggies in the pan and simmer for as long
As it takes to make a batch of sticky rice
Go check your Facebook or play with your kids on the trampoline and whalla
You're done! Yummo "make your own take out!!"