Friday, March 11, 2011

Mother/Baby Necklace

This is my recent go-to gift for baby showers.

Back when I had a baby (6 years ago) I had a mother/baby necklace and I loved it. But it was strung on wire, the traditional way. And eventually Little L broke it. I hung onto those beads, swearing I would re-string it. Never did.

When I saw this idea I fell in love. Not that it is indestructible, nothing is, but it is certainly stronger that a crimp and wire.

I made some modifications hoping to strengthen it even more.

I started writing a tutorial and realized that I need a lot more pictures than I had previously taken.  So, that will come soon. (I have an all new respect for all those ladies who make amazing tutorials--not as easy as it seems.)

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Amanda said...

I've never heard of these! I can't wait to see your tutorial! Your newest follower!

Thanks for linking up at Today's top 20!!