Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Camping

We are gearing up for our annual Moab trip.

And Springtime in Moab is like life: You never know what you are going to get.  See the pic above?  That was day one.

This (above) is day 6.

We went from winter coats and gloves and snow hats to shorts and sun hats.

It becomes tricky to know how to pack. 

Even trickier is keeping those munchkins warm at night.  Cause no matter what the daytime temps are, its always cold at night.

Start off by changing EVERYTHING before bed.  The sweat that accumulates throughout the day turns chilly at night.  Change undies and socks.

Then rock out with your warmest snow hat.  That is #1 important. 
(Do you see those lilly white legs? Yup, Spring time at its best)

Next I love to put the kids and hubby and everyone into those fuzzy spa socks.  They are warmer than wool.  They feel warm the instant you slip 'em on.  (See them peeking out of D's sandals?  Warm feet=happy sleep)

A good hoodie or fleece jacket is nice on extra cold nights.

Now, if you are worried about your sleeping bags, a quick and cheaper alternative to buying several bags for different seasons is to add a fleece liner. You can see their bright colors in J and L's sleeping bags. (And don't you LOVE the bunk bed cots?)  The kids love them and they make sleeping extra cozy.

So, go out there, brave the changing weather report and enjoy spring time camping.  Those happy faces will make it worth the effort.


Noelle said...

thanks for the tips. :) maybe we'll run into you. that would be fun to do a hike together.

DJ Rose said...

Noelle that would be fun. Its been years.

jess said...

I love Moab, John and I haven't been there in years! You are making me want to go back! :)