Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hair Love

I love my new haircut.  I've had it for a bit now (maybe a month, ooh I am bad--more on that later*).  And I just love how versatile it is.

I can do a nice 1970's sweep.

Or I can do the fun up-do's

I can also after swimming (and washing it at the pool) throw some gel in it and have a fun summer do.  Plus I love what the Salt Water Spray does for it.  YUM!
So, there you have it.  I love what my hair is up to these days.  How about you?  How's your summer hair?

*Now, why I am bad: I traded a hair cut and color for a maxi dress.  And I haven't delivered my end of the bargain.  Next week, 2/3 of my kids are gone at camp and I am making that maxi dress.


Trish said...

Completely adorable, gorgeous and amazing! I love it!

DJ Rose said...

Thanks Trish!! :)

Momnerd said...

You do have gorgeous hair!! You make maxi dresses? I want one!!