Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Let me introduce myself.  My name is DJ Conger.  My sign-in "DJ Rose" is from my writing blog, Inking Cap, because I am the one with the sunny outlook--I see most things through Rose Colored Glasses. (You can find my weekly post there on Wednesdays.)

This blog is to show the different things I've done.  Different ideas on different things.  Right now I'm working writing a few picture books and a middle-grade novel about Racing.  I'm also sewing up a storm.  On top of all that I'm prepping for next year's A Christmas Carol, a musical production I help direct at the local school.

So, in truth, I am a Jill of all trades.  Hoping like mad to become a master of some.  (By the way, now you know what that elusive J stands for!!)