Friday, January 28, 2011

Sewing for the MAN

I LOVE this guy.

And he loves camping.

(Which is part of the reason I love him.)

He is also the Scout Master for our local Boy Scout Troop.

And this weekend he is taking them snow caving.

As he packed his backpack (I was sitting by for moral support) he held up his stove and wished that he had a drawstring bag for it.

Well, gosh, my machine just happened to be sitting on the kitchen table.

I can make that.

I went into my fabric stash and found a pair of flannel PJ's that he had just gotten rid of.  Flannel with moose on them--PERFECT.

I cut off the bottom of the leg, sewed it shut and made a casing with a button hole for the drawstring to travel through.  Wa-La.  I became the best wife in the world.

And then, for good measure, and to seal my position, I offered to make him a stuff sack/pillow case with the other leg.

You see, several years ago I had made some for my brother-in-law, another avid backpacker--he's serious about his backpacking.  He stuffs his clothes into the bag and then uses it as a pillow.

So, I whipped up another stuff sack.  This time it was about 18 inches long--just the right size for a neck roll.

I am rockin as the WIFE today as I sewed for the MAN.