Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Houston, I Think I Have a Problem!

Last summer Dear S set up a table in our unfinished basement for me to sew in.  It never was perfectly organized but it worked . . . till winter came and it was too cold to spend time down there.  So my sewing machine moved upstairs with my notions and some fabric.  The bulk of my fabric stayed downstairs.  Then crazy things in life happened (nothing serious) and the basement became a holding cell for all the things we didn't have time to put away. (Great example: the closet under the basement stairs is where we store our holiday decorations.  But for 4 months all the Christmas decorations sat in the hallway.)

All that stuff was piled onto my sudo-organized fabric.

Fast forward to this summer.  Grandma and Grandpa are coming in 3 weeks.  This year they will stay in the basement "guest room".  (The first time said guest room, unfinished 2x4's and all, will be used.)  So I have a basement that needs serious work.  And I am doing it.

And through the course of doing the work, I realized that I have TONS of fabric!!  Obsessive amounts of fabric.  I have a problem!!!  A very serious problem.  (Dare I breath the possiblility that I am a *gasp* hoarder? Or compulsive shopper?)

So, here is my challenge to myself:
I will not buy more fabric until I use or give away the bulk of my stash.

A few minor adendums:
a)  If I have a specific need, ie Halloween, I can buy more.
b)  If I find cotton knit on the cheap, I am totally picking it up.  I can't find it anymore and I L-O-V-E that stuff.
c) Wish me luck. I usually buy a few yards every time I go shopping!

There you have it.  Yesterday as I was "cleaning" I found several yards of fantastic 1970's print.  They are screaming for a maxi-dress.  But they are so bright they might be offensive.  Do I dare?

I will post pics of my new sewing space once we get it all cleaned.  It won't be pretty.  Not like Robyn's.  But it will be a space that I can sew and hopefully teach D how to use her machine.


Snoodles said...

I was chuckling as I read this...mine used to be like that! Hubby finished in half of the basement, so now I have a cavernous, echoing (but clean!) area to work in! By the way, if you need to ditch any stash, I make charity quilts, and I'll gladly take some off your hands! Maybe we can work something out!
Jacque in SC

sariah said...

I totally sympathize. I just posted about the joys of sewing in my garage. And I know what you mean about being cold in the winter! Thankfully the door is insulated and we bought one of those space heaters from Costco, so I will survive. :-) But SOME day I hope to have a lovely place to sew!

jess said...

If you are looking for someone to give your fabric to that will love it as much as you do, my sewing table is always open!!! :) Yes, I only have a table, just like you do, and it's in the toy room, so it's mostly covered with my kids crap instead of mine!