Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Headband for Wonky Heads

Do you suffer from a wonky head?  Do you see all the fabulous headband fashion and wish you could take part?

Do you find your headbands creeping up?

I do, so I created this.

The headband for wonky heads.
You wear a ponytail at the base and it holds the headband in place.
Measure the ol' noggin.  Right where you would wear your headband.  Then add half an inch.
Cut a piece of ribbon that length.

Take a hair rubberband (I actually prefer the soft kind--I used it on the orange one and it holds better than the rigid one pictured).
Sew each end of your ribbon onto the rubberband using a quarter inch seam. (See below.)

   And you now have a headband that will stay on your head, held on by your ponytail.

 The tricky part is getting it on.

Start by putting the headband over your head and rest on your neck. (So in other words, put it on like a necklace.)
Gather your hair into a ponytail using the rubberband on the headband.
Then put the headband in place.

It takes some practice getting it right.
(And if you figure out a different way to put it on, share, share, share)

The orange one actually is fabric.  (Follow the same guidelines, just make a fabric headband with an extra half inch for sewing onto the rubberband.)

Here is an outtake.  Don't you LOVE little L sitting there staring at me like I'm an idiot? :)

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mamareav said...

I have a wonky head! thanks so much for this, what a simple but fantastic idea!