Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Little Beachy Something

So, my hubby is from Seattle.  I went to high school there and lived there a total of 7 years.
 We go back to the Northwest
a lot.

 We ache for the beach.

It means something to us.
Our home has some beach elements in it.

And I've been editing beach photos of our family.

I want to fill a wall with them.  All different sizes, with uniform frames. 

Hopefully it will get done soon.
This pic is precious because these two are 5 years apart.  And now that they are 12 and 7, they don't do much together.  But at the beach they did.

 I once even got to dress them almost matching.  Not quite, but almost.

 I have over 55 pictures that I've edited to go on my wall.
But my wall is very small.
So, I may have to pick and chose.

I love all of these pictures. 
 They each tell a story.
Grandpa taught the kids lots of secrets at the beach.

Little L has no fear of cold.  She loves the water.
This pic is precious.  My mother-in-law, Beckee, passed away 4 years ago while waiting for a lung transplant.  I have very few pics of her. (I think I take so many pictures now because once someone is gone you can't go back and recapture those moments.)

        They are my art and they make me happy.

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Momnerd said...

You are amazing at it!! Beautiful pictures!!