Sunday, May 22, 2011

Beach Spray for Hair

Crescent City, CA 2008*

Don't you love the way your hair feels after a day at the beach?

The other day I followed a link to a slide show with summer hair.  I'm currently growing my hair out after 5 years of short.  So I am in need of hair ideas.  This article kept talking about beach spray.  And the last sentence, after suggesting several that you could buy for a pretty penny, said my favorite words: Or you could make your own.

I love those words!!!  I live for those words!

I googled how to make it.  I found several recipes and decided to give 'er a try.  I just warmed up water (important for the salt to dissolve) and added sea salt until it tasted like the ocean.  Then I added a few drops of Lavender oil so it smells good.  Poured the mix into a spray bottle and I was set. (remember to shake well if you add oil)

In my house we have three different types of hair.  I have medium length, fine, with natural curl.  Little L has fine hair with no curl (but two whirls at the back, I kept it boy short for years cause of those crazy whirls).  Miss D has hair to die for.  Thick, long with just a bit of wave.

Here are the results on our different hair types:
(Maybe taking my own pics is worse than having D take them)

Look at the casual curl

This has a great messy look

We had to twist it.  If you have no curl, twist it.

Since taking these pics I've had lots of fun using my beach spray.  Its great to spritz at the roots to get some curl for a messy up-do or side pony. (Mine is still so short I can't do much.)

So, go out there and make your own day at the beach!

*My poor sweet kids have never been to a warm beach.  They only know the Northern Pacific.  Those beaches are cold, but still so fun.  Someday they will go to a beach you can actually swim at.  I wonder what their reaction will be.

Profeanna had a good question but blogger isn't letting me post comments. (Soooo irritating) So I am adding it here in hopes that she'll come back. :)

That is a good question. Unfortunately I was using a salt grinder andn I didn't pay attention to how much I put in. When it tastes less like good salt and more like bad salt (or until you gag) that might be a good indicator. I'll try a new mixture and measure before I add. Then I'll get back to you!

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mamareav said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment, your kids are just too cute!

JoAnna said...

Living at the ocean my whole life, I am hysterical over the fact that people out there actually WANT that feeling your hair has after a day at the beach! I want nothing more than to come home and WASH WASH WASH that feeling out of my hair and off my skin!

profeana said...

As I haven't tasted the ocean recently, I was wondering about how much you had to add for your spray. I've tried this before because I love the texture of beach hair, but I've never found a good ratio.

DJ Rose said...

profeana, sorry its taken me so long to respond. Blogger and I are not communicating well. :) Put enough salt in there that you gag. I'll measure next time I make some and get you a more definite answer.