Monday, September 26, 2011

A Once in a Lifetime Experience

I got to do something that I never dreamed I would.

I got to sing with 365 other women in the glorious Conference Center in Salt Lake City.

It was so amazing to join my voice with so many others.  And to sing with that amazing organ.  Its richness cannot be felt through the recording.  Sitting so close to the pipes and to feel their reverberation was exhilarating.

The speakers were amazing.  Some changed my outlook on life.  Feel free to watch it.

Here are some links to the singing:
(The pic of me was lifted from this song.  I am in a group on the last line.)
(This we sang with all in attendance.  On the third verse you will notice a descant.  We were shown the music for this 6 days before and asked to sing.  Miracles do happen.)

It was a joy and special evening to join in with Relief Society sisters around the world.


Janet said...

What? You were there too???

daltongirl said...

This is so awesome. I can't wait for AF's turn to come around. We've had Alpine, Lehi, Orem, EM/SS...soon, I hope. I'm so glad you got to do it!! You all sounded beautiful.

Cindi said...

So fun to sit next to you. It was a fabulous experience.

Mindy said...

I just found your blog and I love it! Keep the posts coming.