Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crafty Juices Were Flowin'

Yesterday was a rare day at my house.  Everyone was home and we had no where to go.  Bliss.

Add to that the creative energy that flowed through our house.

The two boys, Mr and J, worked on J's pinewood derby car.  Good masculine creativity.

The girls and I worked with one of my favorite mediums, fabric.

First we taught Little L how to make yo-yo's.  This kept her focused and it was so fun to watch her sew.  She made up stories about her yo-yo's.  They were all fairies and the little one needed constant babysitting.

Then we pulled out Princess D's new sewing machine and she made her first item, a pillowcase.  She loves sleeping on a Euro-Square pillow, so that's what we made her.  She was so proud and I let her do it all herself (which was kinda hard).  I did use the rotary cutter and cut it out--I'm not brave enough to trust her with that yet.

I had hoped to sew D's bed skirt too, but I had a nasty attack of carpal tunnel and I couldn't find my hemming foot.  So I was the only one who didn't make anything.

After I tucked the kids in bed I pulled out my glue gun and flowers and made some simple hair clips.  Nothing fancy.  Little L tucked Mr. into bed and came down and helped me.

This morning I found this:
My girls had created their own combinations.  They put mine to shame, but the Mama in me is proud.  Look at the use of texture and color?  They mixed in ways that fashion and trend wouldn't dare, but these girls could rock that look. (And who I am to force my girls to stay on trend and not branch out?)

I guess I better create more opportunities for my kids to be creative, cause the juices are flowin.

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jess said...

I love this. You have inspired me to clean my house so I have time to be crafty this weekend! :)